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Vinamilk is the biggest dairy company in Vietnam. Our products range from core dairy products such as liquid and powdered milk, to value-added dairy products to value-added dairy products.

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Why Vinamilk?

We are the leading producer of dairy products in Vietnam based on sales volume and revenue. Our products range from core dairy products such as liquid and powdered milk, to value-added dairy products such as condensed milk, drinking and spoon yoghurt, ice cream, and cheese. We offer one of the largest dairy portfolios in Vietnam, across a wide selection of products, flavours, andpackaging sizes. According to Euromonitor, Vinamilk has been the number [1] dairy player in Vietnam for the three years ending 31 December 2007.
Since commencing operation in 1976 we have built the largest distribution network in Vietnam and have leveraged our network to introduce new products to the market, such as juices, soya milk, bottled drinking water and coffee.

We market the majority of our products under our “Vinamilk” brand, which has been designated as both a Famous Brand and one of the Top 100 Strongest Brands by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2006. We have also been voted the top brand in the “Top Ten High-quality Vietnamese Goods” for each year between 1995 to 2007.

We currently focus on business activities in the fast growing Vietnamese dairy market, which according to Euromonitor has grown at a CAGR of [7.85]% from 1997 to 2007, and produce the majority of our products at our [nine] operational production facilities with a combined capacity of [570,406] tonnes per annum.

We have the leading distribution network in Vietnam, giving us broad access to consumers. We generate a substantial majority of our revenues from sales of our products in Vietnam comprising both dairy and non-dairy products and export to countries such as Australia, Cambodia, Iraq, the Philippines and the United States.



Vinamilk will be the fastest and sustainable growing healthy dairy and food company by building a long-term competitive advantaged product portfolio across the scale.


Vinamilk continues to expand its existing geographical coverage and product portfolios to maintain its sustainably dominant position in the local market and maximizing its shareholder value.

Professional environment, challenging job, opportunities to work with the experienced people who used to work in multinational corporations are good choices for your career development. We undertake to create good conditions for you to achieve your career. Vinamilk is the place you can show your creativeness freely, put knowledge and experiences into practice in order to build and develop our company.

Inspiring culture

Our value and success rely on your creativeness and interest in work. Therefore, we always exert ourselves to create a professional, friendly and open-hearted environment in order for individuals to show your creativeness, promote your potentials to make differences.
At Vinamilk, employees are always respected, listened and shared. Each individual also understands that he is a link of a chain in a united and powerful team. Your efforts and achievements are recognized and highly commended. That is the big motivation to help you find interests and be ready for new challenges in their work.
You spend more than one third of your time working in our company. Thus we assure to bring you ease of mind to work well. Outdoor activities, performance, dancing and camping … are held frequently to help you enjoy happy and useful moments. Employees also have a chance to understand each other and promote teamwork spirit effectively.

Training program help employees develop and achieve career objectives

We understand that training and human resources development is the strategy of investment for our company’s success in the future. So, being a member of our company will give you opportunities to be trained to improve your skills and knowledge for your work. Professional and skills training courses as well as practical training days are held frequently.
In Vinamilk, we work out a plan of career development for you and bring you suitable training programs to help you improve working effects. When your working effects are improved, you will be entrusted with more challenging tasks, together with assistance form your colleagues and superiors, and therefore your career objective will be achieved.
Lots of new job opportunities along with our company's continued development
Leading in milk production industry in Vietnam and having been integrating into the global market, we have great ambitions to develop more. In the period of developing and expanding, there would be more jobs and you will have more chances to deal with new roles and new challenge. This also helps raise your potential and creativeness.

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  • Distributor Supervisor - 1406599476
    Pros: Professional people, dynamic envinronment, great buddies whom you can count on... Besides, competative salary including health benefit, traveling and phone allowance is considerable.
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    Pros: Good

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